Here’s a middle finger for you, dear!

This is a personal post, and I thought I should warn (if anyone would come across this post).

It feels kind of annoying, having a friend. A friend that you’ve helped through the years and has done little to you. A friend you’ve supported financially, emotionally, logically. Yet, he can’t understand your anger, and his tantrums pile up as you make mistakes.

We’ve been through different ups and downs, and yet you never rid of such reverse psychological technique under your sleeves.

I’m almost done with your shit, whether you like it or not.

Ika nga, “Taas ng Pride ah! Ba’t di ka na lang nag-labandera?”

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I just started independently with C a month ago (stuck with it to learn more about the theories, and it really paid off), HTML two weeks ago, CSS a week ago, and Javascript today. PLM is way too behind compared to various instituions (such as TIP) as we are taking up the basics. I’m a little too advanced compared to most freshmen, but it sucks how I feel dumb when I compare myself to remarkable developers (like JC)

I’m currently learning Javascript, and developing a theme (themes, but I’ve abandoned the first). Once I’ve got the hang of how Tumblr Themes work, I’ll make one for myself, and another one for my girlfriend.

I hope to at least get freelance jobs on my second year, and I hope to take a part time work on my third year.

Anyway, back to work!

P.S: I have a 20-minute (After Effects, Modern-Lyric-Video-esque) video to work on — shiiit!

This is going to be a rant post, beware.

It sucks how much I prove to be of use, I do not seem to matter. Whatever may be evident of my abilities, I’m yet often viewed as incapable.

Holyshit! I will be a professional, and I will prove the ignorant wrong. Wait for me because I will hunt you down, I will strike you down, and I will put you down. I will feed your brain of the scary feeling of being a genius; it will consume your thoughts, and will continue until it sucks all of your soul.

Challenging me was your first mistake. The second would be not raising your white flag.

I won’t stop. I may remain silent, but I’m never putting my eyes off you.



Mr Krabs for lunch o.o

Mr Krabs for lunch o.o

Dami kong nanakaw kagabi..

Dami kong nanakaw kagabi..

I’ll be taking up my midterm examinations today, and I wish myself a good ‘o luck ;)

It feels sort of disappointing; Thinking that average people nowadays can only think of hardcore intercourse when discussing regarding sex. Most teenagers can’t think of another way to get rid of their hormonal surges; Thus, early loss of virginity plus a problem with child-bearing.

You see, there is oral sex, dry humping, and etc., if you may ask.

Ang baby ko *bow*

Ang baby ko *bow*

Clean cut to the heart